The Japan-Russia Joint Forum is held once a year and is an event in which many Japanese and Russian faculty members and students, not only participated in the exchange program but also open to other members, can join (the language used is English). This year, due to the COVID-19, the event was held using the remote system. The 6th Japan-Russia Joint Forum is the third online forum of this year, holding group discussions (on December 18, 2020) and a presentation session (on January 28, 2021) by mixed teams of students from MSU and Tokyo Tech. The program is here.

The discussion topics were various issues related to food and medical care (see the program for details). Four to five students were divided into four teams to discuss, gather the ideas and create visual materials for the presentation by the presentation session held about a month later. Every participant had an opportunity to made a presentation by a team about the discussion result. In the limited time of 2.5 hours, they met and discussed for the first time online, and had a lively and fruitful exchange of ideas and discussions on social issues that are difficult to find solutions. All teams made excellent presentation, showed their result using beautiful and easy-to-see visual aids at the presentation session.

Student’s Presentation