Due to the impact of COVID-19, the forum was held using a remote system on 27 and 28 October, 2020, between the Nuclear Engineering course of Tokyo Tech and the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) (MEPhI). On the 27th, three mixed teams of Tokyo Tech and MEPhI students held a discussion by each, and on the 28th, as a plenary session, academic lectures by faculty members, speeches by two graduates who had participated in the exchange program in the past, and presentations of the students’ discussions on the previous day and Q&A sessions were conducted. Click HERE for the program.

The themes of the students’ discussions are various issues related to nuclear power generation (see the program) and in-depth face-to-face discussions are held as part of the student exchange activities at the time of dispatch and acceptance of students in previous years. This year, students who had never met each other before discussed online, worked together as a team, summarized and made presentation materials, and all made presentation at the plenary session held on the following day.

In spite of the short discussion time due to the using an online system and a time difference, discussions were lively and enriching, and presentations of all the teams were so outstanding that hardly imagined they met each other for the first time. In addition, the speech by the graduates touched on their experiences and impressions during their stay in Russia and Japan, and how those were working for their next steps. It was a great opportunity for students who were interested in participating in the exchange program.

The academic lectures given by faculty members of Tokyo Tech and the MEPhI were of great interest to the audience, who were both specialists in their own fields. Even though the forum was held online, it was a diverse and productive one with student discussions, presentations of the discussions and Q&A session, alumni speeches, and academic lectures by faculty members.

Lecture by Prof. Panin

Speech by alumni

Student’s presentation