The Japan-Russia Student Joint Forum has been held once a year, not only for the students participated in the exchange program, but also for many faculty members and students from Japan and Russia. The purposes of the forum are to activate academic exchange of students from the educational perspective, and to discuss research projects and future collaborations by faculty members. (The language is English.) Students and faculty members from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Moscow State University (MSU) and the Russian State Nuclear Research Institute (MEPhI) have been jointly holding and participated in this event.

In previous years, the forum has featured academic presentations, group discussions by students, faculty discussion of plans for implementing activities in the coming year, future joint research, and consideration of credit transfer and double degree programs.

However, due to the impact of COVID-19, the 4th Japan-Russia joint forum was held using a online system, on September 25, 2020, between Department of Life Science and Technology of Tokyo Tech, and MSU. Click HERE for the program.

Prof. Kondo, Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Tech, made opening remarks, followed by 15 minutes of presentations and Q&A sessions by 10 students, and then Prof. KUBAREVA, the Department of Chemistry, MSU, closed the seminar. About 30 students and faculty members from MSU and Tokyo Tech who presented their research, as well as students and faculty members in attendance, participated in the forum. Presentations were made on a wide range of topics including biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and synthetic organic chemistry. Students made their presentation concisely with ppt materials, and there were active Q&A sessions, which provided a good communication training opportunity. The abstracts of the presentations can be found in the aforementioned program.

Participation with online system

Student’s presentation