A doctoral student from Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI), 5 Dec. 2019 to 4 Mar. 2020, was accepted to Graduate Major in Nuclear Engineering, Tokyo Tech. The research theme and laboratory were set fitting to the student’s research theme at MEPhI.
Unfortunately, the impact of spreading new coronavirus infection prevented the student from having a presentation at the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 2020 Annual Meeting supposed to be held on 16 Mar. at Fukushima Univ. since it was cancelled. Moreover, he had to finish the research earlier than planned and left Japan on 4 Mar.
As the comment from the student proves the experience in Japan was productive, not only doing research in a laboratory. The continued implementation of this program has been helping to develop human resources that create a productive relationship between Russia and Japan.

From student:
During the internship, a large-scale literary review was conducted on an urgent topic related to both important issues of nuclear safety and the main topic of research of a graduate student (dissertation).   The skills in the spoken English of the graduate student were improved, and also acquaintances were made, which in the future can lead to joint international scientific research.  Thanks to their efforts, the internship was successful and very effective.