Two graduate students of Moscow State University, Chemistry Department (from 4 Oct. to 27 Dec. 2019) and Faculty of Biotechnology (from 4 Oct. 2019 to 22 Jan. 2020) were accepted by school of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Tech.

Before coming to Japan, host laboratories were decided by students’ request. Their research theme and experiment plan were arranged consulting with host professors by e-mail.As getting used to a life in Japan, students enjoyed school and enriched their research activity.

From Students:
・I had some difficulties with communication (no one spoked English in my dormitory, except a couple of students), but Google Translator, gradually acquired knowledge of basic Japanese, politeness and patience helped me to have a comfortable life in the dormitory.

・The living conditions in it are at a high level of comfort. I can say that Japan is a country of conscious people who value and respect their land and aim to use it rationally and with maximum benefit, and it is a very important and good feature that we should learn.

・During the research project, I have learned and practiced in such methods as cell culturing, cell counting, cell preparation for mice injection, intraperitoneal injection, bioluminescence in vivo imaging, methods of mice identification and humane endpoint. I hope that this experience will be useful in my future research.