The Japan-Russia joint forum for education and research is held annually widely open to Russian and Japanese students and faculty members. The object of the forum is revitalizing academic exchanges for students  in the nuclear engineering and life science field as well as proposing opportunities for faculty members to discuss the professional research and future cooperation between Japan and Russia. (English is used during the forum.)

     In this year, the forum was held on 20 Feb. 2020 at Suzukakedai Campus, Tokyo Tech and there were more than 70 participants in total, including MSU (9 faculty members, 8 students), MEPhI (6 faculty members, 5 students), and faculty members and students of Tokyo Tech. CLICK HERE for Flyer.
     Dr. Hiroyuki Kojima, AJINOMOTO Co., Inc., Dr. Hiroki Nakajima, SHIMADZU CORPORATION, and Dr. Naoaki Okuzumi, International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning (IRID), delivered lectures regarding their research and development working on each organization as simple as possible so as to make audience coming from various field understand the general idea of them. Especially, Dr. Okuzumi (IRID), the lecture titled as Overview of IRID R&D for fuel debris retrieval technologies at Fukushima-Daiichi, drew attention with his clear explanation even the topic went to specific.
Following a lunch break and a poster session by students, the attendees were divided into the life science and the nuclear engineering field sessions.
The forum became great opportunities for students to train communication skills associated with research activities through having poster presentations, answering questions and group discussions. The oral presentation by the faculty members helped audience to deepen the understanding of researches running in both Russia and Japan. Also, the action plan of coming year and the possibilities of joint research, credit transfer and double-degree program had been discussed among faculty members of MSU, MEPhI and Tokyo Tech.

From participants;
・It was great event there were reports of Japanese and also Russian scientists, it was very informative. I liked poster session so much because there were a lot of questions to me and I got valuable comments about my work.
・I also liked the Joint Forum where we listened to reports about front-rank research and were able to share our own scientific results.