We accepted two Doctoral students from Chemistry Department and Bioengineering and Bioinformatics department of the Moscow State University to the School of Life Science and Technology of Tokyo Tech.

The period was from Oct. 9, 2018 to Feb. 15 and 22, 2019.

With the goal to be able to obtain results useful for their doctoral Dissertations, we thoroughly considered the student’s research theme and the study plans before the acceptance. The two students were able to concentrate on their research in an ideal research environment and were ablet to obtain results useful for their doctoral dissertations. Especially, one of them were able contribute an article on peer-reviewed academic papers.


Student’s Impression

・Firstly, it was a little bit scary for me to be involved in this exchange program but now I understand that it was one of the greatest experiences in my life.

I can confidently say that the integration of foreign students in TokyoTech is brilliantly arranged. Thanks to the people who were responsible for this program and my tutors everything was so easy and clear. They provided me with all the necessary information about living in Japan and translated something from Japanese to English if I needed that.

It was my first time studying abroad. So, I was not sure about my English skills to live in a different country and work in a foreign laboratory. Fortunately, there were no reasons for me to worry. In any case, I understood everything that was being said to me and, I hope, could convey my thoughts to those around me.

Generally, time spending in Japan gave me the opportunity to know and learn something about the culture of this country. I used my weekends to visit famous places, museums, and natural landmarks. Japan is a wonderful country with beautiful architecture, peculiar history, religion, and traditions. Here I found a lot of new friends and I hope to save our friendship in the future in spite of the distance.

Therefore I can safely say that participating in this exchange program was greatly useful for almost all aspects of my life.