One student was to conduct a research which will be useful to his doctoral dissertation topic and conducted “Analysis of protein interaction using simulation” using enzyme protein as a research material. The data obtained during this dispatch was useful for his own doctoral study, and it became a fruitful dispatch as he was able to acquire new research method.

The other student conducted a study using mice, which was not in the field of his own research (microbe research), in order to widen his research and understanding. This expanded his span and turned out to be a valuable experience in understanding MSU’s research environment.

Student’s Voice➀:

I am very glad that I was able to participate in this program. I could know more about Russia by living there. Academy, humanity, culture, climate; everything was new to me. Through this experience I could realize the power of trusting relationship and my lack of knowledge and could learn about what I need to become a person who can conduct good results under any circumstances.

Living in a different situation turned out to be a very precious experience which I could think over how I should live. Working in a different country for three months widened my sight and the anxiety to go abroad became confidence. In the research field, there is no border line in the discovery of the truth of science and I am proud to work in this global field. After I graduate, I would like to continue my research inside or outside Japan and contribute to the society and my country by providing new discoveries. I was moved by the love to their countries and their high ambitions by speaking with the students of Moscow State University from which many nationalities gather such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and the European countries. I love and am proud about my job of research and biology. This precious experience is not only useful but also I was able to build a new friendly relationship. I would like to thank all of the people involved in this program.



Student’s Voice②

I have been studying using Microorganism, so I decided to try in a new field this time. Especially it was my first time to use cells and living bodies of mammals, so it became a good experience. I felt that I can study in a different field if I learn how to use the materials as long as it is in the life science field and I do not have to cling to the field I study in now.


On the other hand, I found it very hard to study abroad. The environment was the most challenging. Many of the plasmid was different from the reference and the planned sample of the tissue of the naked mole rat was never provided from the co-working laboratory. Also the incubator I used was not installed at first, and it was only 3weeks before going back that I could use it.

As for the language, I didn’t have a hard time as I had expected.  Russian people kindly listened to my complicating English and repeated as I asked them to. Of course English is important, but the skill to communicate and the attitude to admire and accept the culture and traditions are more important.