Though it was only 3 months, he was able to bring out a good result and gave an oral presentation in the XIV International Scientific and Practical Conference ”The future of nuclear energy – Atom Future 2018″ which was held in Obninsk, Russia. (the date was November 29 and 30) The presentation was about his research in Tokyo Tech and two other subjects. Furthermore, he was awarded as the “Excellent Presentation” from the host institute.


The Student’s Impression

I was able to spend a very fulfilling time during these three months. Not only the academic experiences, but everything I met such as peoples’ behavior, meals, climate contributed to my self-growth.

Especially in my research, I was able to experience research surrounded by analysis tools which I saw for the first time.  As a result, I earned the skill to build up the resolution processes and carry out my research systematically.

Also, I can feel my change in a mental way.  Especially, I became able to act flexibly by respecting other peoples’ ideas.  Relatedly, I think I became more open minded to various cultural backgrounds and religions.  Also, I became capable of acting positively by taking it as a chance for self-growth even under stressful situtations.


Message for followers

As I have mentioned above, though it is only 3 months, to place yourself in a foreign country where Japanese is not spoken (and even no English) and study and live there will definitely contribute to your self-growth.  I was alone for 2 and half months out of the three months.  Of course, I spent some hard time.  But as it is said in Japan as you should be willing to struggle, I think the situation will promote your self-growth.

I will mention about one thing that I regret about this dispatch.  It is that there was a bias in my academic experience.  In another words, I only worked on things related to my research.  For example, I should have taken the various unique classes in MEPhI.  There were many classes in MEPhI other than Nuclear fields, and I found out on the day before my last day of this internship that I can take them for free.   I should have known this earlier.  So, you must always be curious and not concentrate on only one thing, in order to avoid losing your opportunity to experience may terrific things.