“The 2nd Russia-Japan Joint Forum for Education and Research” was held at MSU on 24 and 25 September 2018. Many faculty members and students, from MSU, MEPhI and Tokyo Tech, participated in the forum. This forum was effective for the promotion of academic exchanges between Russia and Japan.

The total number of participants was about 70, from Tokyo Tech (11 faculty members and 15 students), MSU and MEPhI. The guest speech by Mr. Koji UMEHARA (First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Russia) and presentations by cooperative companies (Shimazu Europa GmbH, Ajimonoto-Genetika Research Institute, Rosatomtech) were given.

After that, students and teachers were separated from the Life Science field and the Nuclear Engineering field. They actively conducted oral presentations, poster sessions, group discussions and so on. The students had great opportunities to practice presenting their own research and answering questions on the spot. Especially the group discussions, by joint groups of Russian and Japanese students, gave them a wonderful time to communicate with each other.

Participants’ Voices:

I was able to learn about researches in various fields from biology to chemistry and it was a very valuable experience. I was nervous because there were so many posters and participants in the poster session but I was glad that many people were interested in my research. I also received many advices in my experiment tasks. I had a chance to think over my research themes while exchanging ideas. I was able to learn the importance of studying researches in various fields and I found it very delightful to send out my research to the world.

・In this forum I did poster presentation and oral presentation of my research related to the drug intermediates production by using biocatalyst (enzyme). I had quite good feedbacks from my presentations and could develop some fruitful discussions from Professors of Tokyo Institute of Technology and Moscow State University. During the poster sessions, I was also able to explain my research to Moscow State University student as well as listen to their each unique research.

In the Forum, I made poster presentations and listened to the presentations of the professors. In the student debates I found it difficult but learned a lot. After all, I enjoyed planning and giving a research presentation. In the same room were also the biology group and the exchange of ideas between different fields were meaningful.

This was my first poster presentation and it was in English. I practiced in advance, but it was not so helpful. I need to learn more to explain according to the reaction of the person I am speaking to and the need of the ability to express what I want to say in English.