Five students in the field of Nuclear Engineering were sent to National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI). Four students for short-term training and one student for long-term training. The short-term training was scheduled to last from 17 to 30 September, and the long term training was from 17 September to 12 December. Those students were assigned to each laboratory of Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering as they requested. They tackled their research on given themes.

They also participated in “The 2nd Russia-Japan Joint Forum for Education and Research” held at MSU on 24 and 25 September, presenting their own research.

Furthermore, they visited and observed Rosatomtech in Obninsk on 27 and 28 September.

Participants’ voices:

This was my first time studying abroad, and I was looking forward to it but I was anxious at the same time. But thanks to the people I met in Russia and the Japanese students who went with me, I was able to spend a very meaningful time. It was a good experience to learn a lot not only in the academic fields, but also about the culture and history of Russia. Although it was only two weeks, I would like to make best use of this experience in my life in the future.

This situation that I could only communicate in English made me recognize my lack of English skills. But the Russian people were very kind and polite to me. The way they face their research were very interesting and I learned a lot from them. It would have been even more meaningful if I could learn their living styles through attending lectures and activities away from laboratories. The MEPhI laboratories were large in scale and I could see how important the Russian government consider the Nuclear fields.

A lot of activities were filled in in this short schedule of two weeks, and I was able to finish a fruitful training. Because there were many interactions between students, I was able to train my own communication skill in English and I was able to experience many cultural differences even of trivial things in daily life. I felt that the sense of working autonomously of MEPhI students were very stimulating for me, and I would like to follow them. Although I could not do activities to advance the research which I am working on directly, I could learn and experience various things such as communication, culture, social background. From now on, I will make use of this experience and work hard in my research.

I don’t think my English skill is enough, but I am more confident in carrying out my research only in English. I feel more eager to participate in the activities abroad from now on. It was very interesting not only learning about Russia but also about the history of the former Soviet Union. In understanding different cultures, I felt it necessary to study history and culture.